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Truly Scrumptious officially started October, 2013…but their story goes back to the late 1980’s. Sisters Karen Daigle and Linda McAdams started making cakes, candies and treats, selling to their family and friends. They both had a passion for the craft and enjoyed the creative outlet it provided. This was a part time project since they both worked full time jobs besides creating amazing sweets.

After a few years, the pace was exhausting and unfortunately it left them no down time to spend with family and friends. So Truly Scrumptious faded away and the sisters made confections only for their own family.

Fast forward about 30 years and the story resumes! After losing her job and struggling to find another, Linda and her husband James, thought maybe this was the answer to their prayers. Deciding to take a Leap of Faith, Linda asked Karen if she was interested in reviving Truly Scrumptious, only this time it was full speed ahead! Karen was excited to bring back the business and continue doing something they both loved to do.

So, here they are! Truly Scrumptious has grown tremendously in the last 10 months. After becoming a tenant at the LSU Ag Center Food Incubator, their Signature product, White Chocolate Pretzel Crunch has become a massive hit. It can be found in many local stores around Baton Rouge and is moving outward around the state. Pretzel Crunch is now distributed by Associated Grocers and soon they could be as far as Texas and Mississippi.

All three wish to thank the LSU Ag Center Food Incubator and the Louisiana Business & Technology Center for helping them launch their Pretzel Crunch in stores…and thanks to you for supporting local small business!




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